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Speed up your brownie, sheet cake or breakfast bar production using our unique half and full sheet pan pneumatic cutter. Our system can cut squares, rectangles or triangle shapes in many sizes while leaving the product in the pan.

"Cutting Rice Crispy Treats"
"Cutting Product in Bakable Cardboard Box"

"Nutrition Bars"

According to a recent article in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine, consumers are switching to more nutritional snacks. Click this link for the full story:
If you are looking to expand your product line that includes products that are portioned look to us to help. We have cut all types of baked products in and out of the pan, full or half sheet. Nutritional bars including granola, breakfast and energy bars in various sizes can be cut in the pan or on cutting boards using our unique cutting system in as little as 6 seconds and in one cutting cycle. Call (304-240-0760) or email us ( bpittman@zybec.us ) for additional information.